Do Not Share or Sell My Personal Data

Joylocks refrains from exchanging personal information for monetary benefits, as it is commonly understood as "selling." However, Joylocks may reveal specific information to certain third-party entities that provide services to us, such as third-party marketing partners that provide us with online advertising services based on user interests. Such activities might be considered as "selling," "sharing," or "processing" personal information for targeted advertising objectives according to relevant laws in California, Connecticut, Colorado, Utah, and Virginia.

To decline the "sale" or "sharing" of your personal data, select the "Do Not Share or Sell My Personal Data" option on this webpage. By clicking this option, an opt-out cookie will be installed and preserved on your browser, prohibiting the "sale" or "sharing" of personal information or personal data with our third-party associates on a continuing basis. Please bear in mind that the opt-out cookie is exclusive to the browser and device. Therefore, if you visit a Jolocks website, which is subjected to the Joylocks Privacy Policy, from another browser or device, you must also opt-out on each browser and device to effectively indicate your preference.

Furthermore, you can also avail of various industry opt-outs if you desire to opt-out of interest-based advertising broadly across participating third parties. You can visit the Network Advertising Initiative's Consumer Opt-Out link and the Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Opt-Out link. However, please note that these opt-outs are also device and browser-based. Therefore, you must opt-out on each of your devices and browsers concerning these settings as well. For more information, kindly refer to the Online Analytics and Advertising Section in our Privacy Policy.